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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Ireland 2014, Part Five

Our plan for September 23rd was mostly driving. The two places we wanted to visit on this trip were Donegal and Kerry, which are in the far north and far south of the country. So we spent most of the day driving, and made it from Letterkenny (Donegal) to Limerick for the evening.

We woke up and enjoyed the full Irish at Gallagher's Hotel, got packed up, and then did a bit more shopping before heading out. Included in our purchases were some cheap wheeled duffles to bring home all of our goodies, as we had all only brought along carry-on bags on the way out.

We headed out of town and began to drive south. We first stopped for a few minutes at a town called Mullaghmore in Sligo to see the beach.

It was pretty, but very cold and pelting rain. I think we lucked out on the weather again, as this was the only day it really rained all day, and it was our driving day anyway.  It was a nice scene, with boats and traps, but we could only stand in the cold rain for a few minutes (the umbrellas weren't much help because of the cold and the wind).

A little further down the road, we stopped for gas and bought road atlases. These are very helpful when you don't have a GPS. We enjoyed the Irish scenery, and ended up making pb&j sandwiches to eat in the car for lunch, with our Gallagher's bread.

We drove down through Sligo, Galway, Clare, and finally arrived in Limerick City around 6pm. We checked into our hotel, which was the same place that hubby and I stayed at on our last trip. After getting settled into our rooms, we went out to explore the town a bit.

We did some shopping, and then walked down to The Locke Bar for dinner, which is a place the hubby and I enjoyed twice on our last trip, and is close to the hotel. There was a violin/guitar duo playing trad music, so we enjoyed the atmosphere with our dinners before heading to bed. We could have gotten a free glass of wine at the hotel, but we were all too tired to take advantage.

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