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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Ireland 2014, Part Eight

For our last full day in Ireland on September 26th, we woke up in Kenmare and got packed. We headed toward Blarney to visit Blarney Castle and kiss the Blarney Stone.

We looked at the tower and dungeons and then climbed up to the top in a line. The steps were steep and winding, making it a bit scary at times.

Once at the top, we were all able to kiss the blarney stone. It just seemed like something you had to do while there. After that, we walked out to the Poison Garden below.

We had a light lunch at a cafe there and bought a few more souvenirs before leaving. Karen and Jim dropped us off at our hotel by the airport in Cork. We said our goodbyes, and they headed back to Dublin. We checked into the hotel and then arranged to meet Michael and Frances later.

Hubby and I took a bus to the city centre and then walked along the river to Saint Patrick's Street.

We walked around doing some shopping and looking at the shops. 

We had dinner at The Thomand and then walked back down to Merchant's Quay. Michael and Frances came to pick us up and drove us back to the hotel. They joined us for drinks in the bar, and we had nice conversation.

After they left, we headed to bed so that we could get up in the morning and fly home. It was a wonderful two weeks, from beginning to end.

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