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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Ireland 2014, Part Seven

After waking up on September 25th, we decided to go to the local Super Value. We had to get around construction, but we made it to the grocery store and bought laundry detergent and a few other items.

After eating a low key breakfast back at the apartment, we made our way toward the townhouse that Wendy was renting. We got lost a bit on the way there, as it was just slightly out of town, but it's a small place, so we eventually found the right road.

We had tea and played with the two stray cats outside. We headed out to the old Kenmare burial grounds with Wendy. It's a beautiful place, and we walked around looking for our family.

We were able to find the graves of our great grandparents and 2nd great grandparents, among other family members. It's just an incredibly beautiful, peaceful place.

After walking around the cemetery, we went down to look at Kenmare Bay.

After looking out at the bay, we headed back to the apartment and then did some shopping. We bought knits and other souvenirs. Karla and Jimmy then arrived before dinner, so we met up with them. 

We had arranged to meet the whole family at O'Donnabhain's for dinner. Wendy arrived with cousins Michael and Julien, and their spouses Frances and Mick. They brought Aunt Betty with them, who ate a few bites from our plates. We were all so glad that she came out for a while, especially since she passed last month.

Michael and Julien took Aunt Betty home after dinner, and then came back. We had drinks at a couple of the pubs in town with the whole family and listened to live music.

It was a wonderful evening, and I think it was the highlight of our trip to meet up with the family.

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