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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Ireland 2014, Part Six

On the morning of September 24th, we got checked out of our hotel in Limerick and headed toward Kenmare. We arrived in the late morning and met our cousin Wendy at Davitt's for lunch.

Following lunch, we did some shopping. There was a market going on in the town. We saw some sheep in a pen.

After shopping, we walked over to Holy Cross Church, which is where our grandmother, and Wendy's mother, would have gone to church and school.

It's a beautiful church on the inside and outside, and it was wonderful to see where our family lived, and went to church/school. The history of the Poor Clare Convent was also of interest.

After exploring the church, we walked down to Springwell Cottage, which is the home where our family lived.

There is an addition on the house now that wasn't there when the family lived in it. 

A short distance away is Cromwell's Bridge. 

 As Kenmare is a small town, we were able to walk around and see other houses where members of our family lived. We saw a stone circle on our walk as well.

After a great walk around town, we ended up back on Henry Street and settled into our apartment. It was a great, modern place right in the center of the town square. It was perfect for the four of us to share, as there were two bedrooms and bathrooms. 

We ate at the Coachman's across the street. Wendy came over to meet us for drinks and live music.

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