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Thursday, October 2, 2014

England 2014, Part Two

On September 16th we had planned to head back into London. However, we woke up sore from all the activity and walking from the day before. We decided to postpone an additional day in London and do something a bit more low key.

We wanted to take a drive around Surrey, which is where we were staying at my cousin Wendy's house in Guildford.

We started the day at Newlands Corner. I learned that this is the spot where Agatha Christie disappeared in 1926! I had some idea of the story (and let's be honest, I've seen it on Doctor Who) so it was very cool to see the spot in person.

The morning was a big foggy, and one gentleman called to me from his car and asked me how I was going to get any shots with the camera around my neck. I thought it was pretty, and very much what I think of when I think about England.

After enjoying the view, we continued on down the road. We saw a sign for Silent Pool, so we opted to stop and take a look. Here we read the legend of how Silent Pool got its name. A girl was supposedly bathing in the water, and a horseman came and started leering. She swam out into the deep water, and her brother swam out after her to save her, but they both drowned. The horseman turned out to be King John (perhaps before he was king). The water is apparently deeper than it looks.

We continued on and drove through the town of Shere and then to Box Hill. Box Hill takes its name from the box trees that grow here. There is a winding and narrow road to get up to the top. Once you do, there are some really nice views.

 The viewpoint is really nice and you can see quite a distance. There are several different walks mapped out that you can do. We wanted to do a shorter one so that we could continue on with our day (some of them are pretty long and can take a good part of the day).

As you continue on from the viewpoint, you come to Labelliere's Grave. It reads: "Major Peter Labelliere, aged 75, an eccentric resident of Dorking was buried here, head downwards, 11th July 1800." Apparently he felt that the world was "topsy turvy" and that if he were buried upside down, he would be right side up in the end. He also wanted his grandchildren to dance on his grave.

We continued on through the box trees to the Old Fort, which was built in the 1890's as a last defense for London. 

After exploring Box Hill, we returned to Guildford and ate at Ashuka's for lunch. I had a creamy curry made with coconut milk. I don't frequently eat Indian food, but I really enjoyed my curry.

Following lunch, we drove to Hampton Court Palace. As we walked toward the palace, my breath caught in my throat. This was Henry VIII's court.

You can feel the history and it's hard to comprehend that the people I've read so much about actually resided here.

We explored Clock Court, where there are a number of figures situated throughout. We picked up audio guides as well.


 I wanted to see Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn's apartments to start. We entered the Great Hall and I nearly fainted. This was the great hall of Henry VIII. And Anne Boleyn.

I walked around gawking for quite some time. You could physically feel the history and presence of this hall. From the ceiling to the tapestries hanging on the walls.

While the stained glass was from the period, it was still really beautiful.

We continued on through the apartments and the Chapel Royal. The chapel is amazing, though you cannot take photos inside. We got to stand in Henry's pew and look down at the chapel.

 We continued on to William III's apartments. We happened upon a private tour of the bedrooms and learned about restoration of the beds. We saw George II's traveling bed, Queen Anne's 'death bed' although it was not complete when she died, and Queen Charlotte's embroidered bed.

We walked through Henry VIII's kitchens and then decided to explore the gardens.

 There are sprawling gardens all over the grounds.

 We walked through the gardens until closing time. You could definitely spend a whole day at Hampton Court Palace.

After 6pm closing time, we drove back to Guildford and headed out to find a pub for dinner. We found a place near a car park in the town center called The White House. I ordered fish & chips and we drank Fullers beers.

After getting back to Wendy's, I successfully called my mom using the Viber app. It worked really well with great reception.

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